soon, soon
a ridiculous number of bees.
you know how when youre drawing and youre like “YEaH!!!” but then you look down and it's just scribbles.

yeah this is one of those times



howdy y’all sweet iced tea hook em horns remember the alamo

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German soldier lighting his cigarette with a flamethrower, 1940s. [680x1010]


Elbe day - 25th April, 1945. Historic contact between the Soviets and Americans, 2nd Lt. William Robertson and Lt. Alexander Silvashko [WWII, 1024x692].


Rare photo of Brig Gen A. Svensson presenting a rifle and a commendation to Simo Häyhä, who had killed 219 enemy soldiers at this point in time. Häyhä was shot in the face by a sniper two weeks later on March 6th. Photo taken during the Winter War on Febru

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"when your crush posts a selfie"
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story about habits

so my dad was stationed in japan for like the whole time he was in the navy and he picked up the little polite bow thing and he does it when hes thanking people and i picked it up from him and i cannot tell you the number of people ive confused the shit outof by doing that i can see it in their eyes like DOI DO IT BACK WHY IS SHE DOING THAT WHAT DO I DO 

and im just
im so sorry
my dad gives me horrible habits

"Chasing Rubies (Acoustic)"
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kinda wanna write

kinda dont

the struggle

Come closer look deep
You’ve fallen fast
Just like a plane on a
Stormy sea

i was gonna make the archer-in-a-terrible-sweater my sidebar but then i realized i like proton more and now must draw proton in a terrible sweater for my own personal use/amusement


you are the terror fish, kid.


im not much for talking about history but i do like hearing about it so if you wana talk im super willing to listen cx

okay well hey i was thinking about how i should talk about The Most Drunken Synod because its hilarious in a horrible horrible way so you wanna hear about The Most Drunken Synod

ok so apparently its usually called “The All-Joking, All- Drunken Synod of Fools and Jesters” but i learned about it as The Most Drunken Synod and that’s shorter to type so

the fact that Russia basically has a culture of alcoholism should not surprise anyone and its been a thing since peter the great so here we go put ur party hat on and grab the vodka

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