i should really watch more of tokyo ghoul it was rad i liked the chick whose name i will never remember




Your room also comes with a complimentary Bulbasaur.

how to make a proper au longfic

  • something is slightly different
  • and then it kills somebody
Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be

lets talk about riley headcanons because im writing riley rn and i like headcanons and it gives me a place to sort minor fun facts out

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im 100% certain i headcanon too many characters as ace or demi but then i remember theres no such thing as too many ace/demi headcanons

proton is a level of ace that’s so great that it had yet to be discovered by humans and no level of fanon trying to say he’s hypersexual will ever convince me otherwise

i have so many headcanons about the sexualities of various pokemon characters but i never get the chance to talk about them and thats a shame


alexander hamilton would be the worst for putting truly unnecessary winky-faces after everything ;)

if anyone tries to tell you that a dog’s mouth (or god forbid a cat’s) is cleaner than a human’s than now is the time to laugh and walk away because no

all the fanfics that got me any acclaim on have been aus

my only skill is au fic